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Tri-County Baseball Association
Tri-County Baseball Association



Managers and Coaches

      Good afternoon, we hope everyone is doing well. As we try to get back to some normalcy and get the players back out on the field we still have to follow some guidelines but we will hall make it happen together. 

     Tri-County Baseball is gearing up tp offer a SPRING LEAGUE for teams from New Jersey , New York ( Rockland & Westchester ) 

Tri-County Baseball  Schedule Games on

April 3 - 10 - 24  --  May 1 - 15 - 22   -- June 5

Tri-County Baseball Will Not  Schedule Games on

Easter Sunday --- April 17,2022

Mother Day ------ May 8,2022

Memorial Day ----May 30,2022

             We offer the following age divisions 46/60 Little League Rules at 8u-9u-10u-11u & 12u Divisions, then we have our 10u leading and stealing at 46/65 if we have enough teams! Our 11u-12u is a 50/70 League On the Big Diamond we have 13u -14u-16u-18u Divisions that play on a 60/90 field.     

2      Season starts April 3, 2022 and will go to  June  5, 2022. ALL TEAMS will make the play-offs June 12, 2022    If teams do not want to play in the playoffs we will do our best tp get you games 

3.              Tri-County Playoff will begin on June 12, 2022  we will not move our games unless weather related. If you are in a tournament or another league KNOW Tri-County ( NJYB – WBA-RBA)  WILL NOT MOVE OUR GAMES YOU WILL FORFEIT.

4.            Managers are responsible prior to the first game of getting all the following submitted either by mail, fax, email or in person.  

       NJYB PO Box 5044 South Hackensack , NJ 07606, - Fax 201-814-0223 – email NY Teams to submit this information to John at and Charlie Avery at

A)      Registration Form and Payment

B)      Rosters (Initial Roster must be submitted teams have to in  May 30  to add players, must play 3-Games)

C)      Insurance naming Tri-County ( NJYB – WBA-RBA)  NJYB PO Box 5044 South Hackensack, NJ 07606 as secondary insured on your policy.

D)      Signed Copy of Waiver from Each Player Must be Submitted to Each Manager and the Manger is responsible to keep a copy.

6.       No player can play on two rosters in the same Division but may play on another team in a different age division with League Approval if they are age eligible.

7.       Rules: are as Followed MLB American Division with Tri-County exceptions, 7 inning games, substitution Rule

8.       Bats: 15u thru 18u Wood Bat ONLY, 14/13u BBCOR, 12u and under USA Bats unlimited weight.  A player may also us a

9.       Pitching Rule:

A)      See the USA Pitch Smart Chart

10.   Home Team is to supply 2 Carded Umpires (13U-18U ) 1 Carded Umpire $80  ( 8U-12U ) or our LL Divisions) per game. Each team will split the umpire fess. The Max amount that an umpire may charge is $75. Most umpires are doing games for $65 to $85.

11.   ( NJYB has a agreement with RED UMPIRES – Mike Chatman 973-521-1337 Mike Cortez 201-314-5674  WBA and RBA have to go through  James O’Gorman at 917-841-0398. 

12.   Home team is responsible for providing Balls: Must be equivalent balls to the age group.  

13.   Any Ejections of Player(s) or Coach will be ejected from that game and must sit the next game.

14.   Managers are responsible for themselves, their coaches, players and fans.

15.   Games schedules: The schedule you are receiving in this email is a SHELL SCHEDULE and Each manager/ Coach must contact the other Manager/Coach to confirm games.

16.   Standings are not based on wins or loses, they are based on the Tri-County Point System. Teams will receive 3 points for a win, 2 points for a tie and 1 point for a loss. This system was set up to force teams to get all their games played. Teams that play more games will have move points.

17.   Please email or text all scores to or 201-674-4533  or to John or 914-227-5106 or Charlie Avery (11u-12U ) 845-222-6928 after the completion or each game. We will not hunt you down to get scores the games will not be recorded and count. All scores and standings will be posted by the next morning.

18.   There is 2 hour and 15 minute no inning can start time limit on games unless the field has a time limit than this must be discussed at ground rules.


Good luck to everyone please get all paperwork in as need prior to your first game and they must be submitted no lather then the  March 24 , 2022


    Tri-County Baseball League      .


NJYB                                                         WBA                                 RBA

Bill White                                             John Nesi                        Charlie Avery                    JTNN@   

201-674-4533                                  914-227-5106                   845-222-6928

2021 Spring Baseball

Spring Season Start  April 10 & 11,   2021

 Will ends the week of  June 5 & 6,  2021

Tri- County Baseball league will Schedule All Games

There be NO Scheduled Games on Mother’s Day May 9 or  Memorial day weekend  May 28, 2021   

* If a team wants to Schedule Games for Mother Day or Memorial Day weekend They can Work it out between the other Team.

New Website,

Registration fee is $ 350 Per Team

Registration fee for more then 3-Teams $ 300

Please email any questions

Email back the Registration  Forms if interested,

Charlie – – 845-222-6928

John – – 914-227-5106

Bill – – 201-674-4533

Find Your Team



BATS Rules

8U - 12U (All 46' x 60' fields) - Wood, USA Bat

10U  ( 46 X 65) - Wood, USA Bat

11U & 12U (50X70)   - Wood, USA Bat

13U, 14u,15U & 16U  (60' x 90' fields) - Wood, Wood Composites, USA Bat, BBCOR Bats .5

2021 All 8U t0 12U Teams will be Use the  USA Bat Performance Standards.

We strongly advise anyone looking to purchase a new bat to buy one with the new USA Bat stamp. The MLB and USA Baseball have put a lot of resources behind the new USA Bat Standard, as it is in the best interest for youth baseball. Tri-County will support these efforts and will also continue to work closely with all our League baseball programs.


                                              Tri - County  Baseball League
2021 Spring League
8U To 12U Little League Rules
13U to 17U Major League Rules (60 1/2 x 90)
11U  & 12U  (50 x 70)
NEW 9U - (46 x 65)
10U  (46 x 65)
Major League Rules Base stealing
Games will be scheduled on weekends
Base stealing will be permitted in accordance with Major League Rules
Age Cut Off Date  May 1st.

Season begins  April 10 & 11 ,2021
Season ends June 5 & 6,  2021
League Playoff begin  June 12 & 13, 2021
Single Elimination Tournament
Rosters Must be submitted before May. 18th  in order to participate in playoffs.
Rosters will not be accepted after May 19th.
Supply Your Blackout Dates

Tri- County Baseball league will Schedule All Games

There be NO Scheduled Games on Mother’s Day May 9 or  Memorial day weekend  May 28, 2021   

* If a team wants to Schedule Games for Mother Day or Memorial Day weekend They can Work it out between the other Team.

Supply you Field & Times
Sign-up on line
Fee: $350
Checks should be made Payable to:

368 New Hempstead Road
New City, New York 10956

Please email any questions

email back the registration  forms if interested,

Charlie – – 845-222-6928

John – – 914-227-5106

Bill – – 201-674-4533



Charlie Avery

Rockland Baseball Association

Phone: 845-222-6928

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